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Meet The Owner

Hi there My name is Emory, I own and operate Emory Esthetics. I am a lisenced facial specialist with a strong passion for helping others feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. I completed beauty school in July 2018 with my "Facial Specialist" license in the state of Florida. After I completed beauty school I began training as an esthetician at  a corporate chain spa and worked there until mid May 2019. I gained lots of knowledge and experience in the skincare industry while working there. I realized I loved helping others with their skin and learning about skincare but I did not love how the corporate world restricted me in many ways. I did not like how the company chose profit over people along with many other things that went against my ethics. I learned what I needed to start my own business, gained knowledge and experience and eventually left. I also got to learn how I did not want to run my business. In June 2019, Emory Esthetics was born! Emory Esthetics is a Harry Potter  themed studio with floating candles located inside Sola Salon Studios in Jacksonville, FL. I am dedicated to providing affordable, honest, and ethical services for each and every client. I make a tailored approach to every appointment to deliver a customized and magical experience based around YOU. If I become your new Esthetician, I will NEVER recommend anything to you that I don't genuinely believe you need. I will never treat you like you don't matter, in fact I will even help you see how much you do. My studio is a safe space and I am someone you can trust. 

That was a little bit about me and why I started Emory Esthetics. If you're new here and are planning on making an appointment, I can't wait to meet you! Shoot me a text anytime if you have any questions: (904)738-0045


Stay Magical, 

Emory :)

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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